Thursday, July 29, 2010


I have often said through the years that at times in my parenting journey I just needed a time of "dialogue" with someone over the "crossroads of parenting" that we all come to throughout this journey of raising a child. Often we just don't know which road to take and it can disrupt our goals and developmental directions for our children and youth.  It is my prayer that through the months ahead that with the wisdom that God can give and over 30 years of experience in parenting development, we can together find God's mind and His purpose for the child he has graciously given you.  My desire is to "lift your arms" in your responsibilities as parent and role model. PARENTING CROSSROADS  is an opportunity for you to find help, affirmation, and strength as you endeavor to discover God's blueprint for your child's life. At times, I will just write what is on my heart pertaining to the parenting progress or I will respond to issues in today's society and how we can establish a strong Biblical worldview for our youth to stand on.  Sometimes, I will just listen to your needs... and sometimes we will just pray together.

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  1. Congrats on creating your first blog, Pastor Tony! You've made a lot of progress with technology since I first met you! Looking forward to the possibilities of this site!